Aligning with what’s important…

10313615_10201924054007318_1310887582064956339_nLast year is a bit of a blur now…moving from a spot that I’d been in for several years, downsizing and moving into a most beautiful lake house which will be my winter home for a couple of years, buying and setting up in a 24 foot RV for my summer home, and just returning from a 5000 mile “no agenda” camping trip with my son. I’ve had time and space to travel with my daughter, going to Italy and Costa Rica in years gone by, but Jonathan couldn’t get away for these travels, so this trip was our solo journey…across the US with no plans, except to spend this time together seeing beauty and enjoying music, depth of conversation, and pure and uncontrollable laughter! This planet is sooo beautiful…and each time I venture out and shake myself out of my routine, I remember the value of spontaneity and of shifting perspective. It always offers a new beginning…thank you to our children (young adults that remind me of my total openness to all ideas as a 20-30 year old) for the wisdom and fresh new ways of being in the world!

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The power of storms

The last several months of 2013 were spent packing, clearing, and moving, as well as hosting happy holiday gatherings, and celebrating our daughter’s upcoming wedding with her soon to be in-laws (how is this possible?!).

I’m just getting back into my rhythm of adding a new post, and since I often use metaphors, I find myself sharing an image of waves outside my door that are on the increase as I listen this evening.

The power of the elements has always drawn me to the deeper self…such primal forces. The water was churning as I stepped outside today. I spent some time watching the buoy and the ducks bobbing on top of the waves. There are storms of all forms going on around us, as well as the storms that rage within created by the mind’s chatter, anxiety, or fears. What an incredible opportunity, learning to ride the waves and find comfort in the endless cycles of sometimes peaceful, sometimes turbulent experiences of each moment. The value of storms is the churning up of what otherwise lies deep down, clearing out the debris, and offering an entirely new landscape.

I have always found nature to be my clearest teacher, listening and tuning into her greatness as she is still, then dynamically expressing.

Riding the waves

Riding the waves

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Nature’s Valentine!




Beauty is everywhere in Nature…looking up at the clear, blue sky, a friend found this perfect Valentine! So, I pass it along, and send wishes of peace, joy, and much love…Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Thanks to Ginny D. for the picture)

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Seeing our world with thanks-giving!


“There is a story inside everything…wind, rain, fire…even in the sound the corn makes when it is trying to grow in the field. Rivers have great stories, so do leaves rustling on trees. Listen to old stones for stories about survival. Put a pebble to your ear and listen to the tale it has to tell. What a seashell has to tell will surprise you…so too, will the words written on the wind!

Listening to silence is the hardest of all…you want to fill it up with conversation-with noise-with distraction. Resist the impulse. In silence you can hear your own heartbeat, you can take the pulse of continuity. In silence, you can dream dreams, you can discover your own music.

Why is it harder to let go than to hang on? Even when a thing is finished, a shadow remains. You ask, “Did I do it right? Was there a way to bury our differences?” By saying nothing, did you say it all?

It takes effort to make something of your life, when other people are making do with less. Have the courage to make a change. Indecision prevents action. Memory clouds reason. Fear paralyzes. Routine decays.

Listening means hearing the voice within you. It never fails to tell you the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it.”


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Seeing the sacredness in everything you look at, creates beauty in your heart.

ImageThis picture was taken in New Brunswick, Canada, where I will be heading to play and work again soon. It is a beautiful lake, with a sandy beach, where I shared the experience of teaching a friend’s son how to build a fire with no matches, creating a gorgeous bonfire under a full moon. Today, we’re entering into the 2nd full moon, or blue moon of August…take time to notice the sky and breathe in the fullness of all that is good in your life. 


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Clearing the path…



What a great reference point, when the mind wanders for its 100th time to something that has already taken place, but that we keep returning to…sometimes over and over! I can laugh at how often I find myself doing this, however, making the choice to not beat myself up more, or succumb to the shame, etc. is sometimes a herculean feat! Let go, let love!!! May this day be full of beauty and confidence that you have always done the best you can, and that life is always perfect as it is…enjoy it! 

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Full Moon


“The vital energy of Nature is at its peak during the Solstice Full Moon when we have most ready access to the divine light and spark of our own essential being. Then, for 5 days (2 days before and after Full Moon), solar plasma flows strongly through the Earth-Moon connection and the Moon becomes so highly charged electrically that dust floats above the lunar surface. This is the science, the metaphysical teaching is that solar prana is drawn most strongly through the Earth – and through our bodies – when the Moon is Full. The purpose of the Sundance (traditional Native American ceremony done on or near the Solstice) is to become one with the elder fire above (the Sun) and so receive vision of our true place in the world. In this great year of transformation, the Solstice/Sundance Moon is an opportunity to dance our dream alive, bring forth the light within and realize our soul’s purpose.”

~Text sent by Steve Nelson, Astrologer from North Carolina and picture by Chad Walker

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